Welcome to the HBB services page.

Here we will be talking about some of the things we can offer. Please be aware that some services are weather reliant along with seasonal offers. So please before you decide anything just request a call and we can go through what have on offer at the time. Also, all our services are third party and all have been used various times at many events. Any complaints we have had in the past have been dealt with and we no longer work with companies that was not willing to co-operate with us.

One of the things we set as top priority is security, we have many ways of ensuring that your event is tracked and safe. Firstly, when you choose us to organise your event we will discuss a range of options you can choose from but we always insist on the cloth wristbands as a starter. When a customer comes to the festival with their ticket and hands it to the door staff they will be issued with a cloth wristband that is tightened around the persons arm and they cannot be made lose or taken off unless things like scissors or knifes are used. This is a great way to stop people selling/trading wristbands once the event has started as they are incredibly hard to get off. A unique system we like to use is visitor management software, each and everyone who as bought a ticket and is supposed to be attending is entered on a database before hand with some personal details like name and age. Just like the wristbands, when they hand their ticket in they sign in to the festival using a digital tablet and that way the security know exactly who has arrived and entered. This is important in crisis situations and fires. It also helps determine if people have lost their band/ticket as they should be on the system if they are meant to be attending. For the VIP sections we also have a unique security measure that has worked extremely in the past, Paxton Access cards held by a custom festival lanyard, these can be encoded with a particular door code which allows the card to open certain doors or activate certain features. These cards are used to go backstage, enter the VIP showers, toilets and other exclusive VIP areas.




  • On hand security teams.
  • Digital tracking of each ticket and attendee.
  • Wristbands with unique names and colours for kids and adults.
  • VIP id cards with Paxton access control for separate areas.
  • Long lasting attendee stamps
  • Unique visitor number for each attendee
  • Mobile security teams
  • Front of house security
  • Crowd control teams
  • Emergency service liaison offices.
  • CCTV surveillance
  • On hand id card printer for event passes
  • On site fire control software.

 The Main Attractions

  • Fairground rides
  • Huge board games
  • Circus acts
  • DJ’s/Bands + most types of music.
  • Comedy, magic and thriller acts.
  • Bingo
  • Pop up bars (gazebos and tents)
  • Evening entertainment shows.

For the Kids

  • Portable Zoo
  • FacePainting
  • KidsClub so the parents can have a relaxing day.
  • Donkey/Pony rides
  • Obstacle courses
  • Small fair rides
  • Kids entertainment (wrestling, puppets and kids sketches)
  • MASSIVE soft sandpits.
  • Trampolines and bouncy castles.


  • Specialist catering (Indian, Chinese, Cantonese, Spitroast, Al Carte, Italian and French)
  • Burlesque dancers
  • Army training course
  • Wipe out course
  • Inflatable obstacle course
  • Creepy Crawley bus
  • Alcohol testing (wine, whisky, ale cocktails)
  • Team building exercises.
  • Fun or Haunted house.
  • Projectors

If you have anything else you would like us to bring, we probably have it or can get it so please don’t be afraid to ask.