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Welcome to the HBB about us page!

You must have arrived here wanting to know more about our site and what we do. Well, to start things off we an online advice site that offers free and relevant festival information that includes safety tips, what festivals to attend and which to give a miss.

 How do you offer festival information and advice including events?

There are many aspects of festivals that people look for advice on, such as what festivals are for me? What should I wear? What are the unspoken rules? And many more.

We also cover a lot of advice when it comes to planning and organising an event, we offer information on hygiene, food, security and other things like sound equipment and attractions.

We also like to let people know of new and upcoming events in the country, we use Skiddle for this information.

Why is the advice free?

We think here at HBB that people should be able to access festival information on any subject they like. When looking for info on festivals we have noticed that not many sites offer real advice, just the rules and regs of a specific event. That is not what we are, we offer advice on anything to do with public and private events. The site is run in pour spare time and we do not accept any payment or donations.

What if I would like a certain topic covering which you have not already done?

We offer a form on the get in touch page. Here you can fill it in with your ideas and then we will get back to you if we choose your idea. We always give credit for the 1st person to request the subject. We love receiving requests from our readers as it shows that the community is genuinely interested in the content we post and would like to educate others on the subjects of festivals.

You can visit the form here.