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Festival Questions

Welcome to the HBB FAQ section.

This page is here to help our readers that are in a rush to find an answer to their festival questions. We get hundreds of messages each week and we thought that it would be sensible to feature some of the most commonly asked festival questions here.

After the FAQ section you will also find another form that you can fill in and ask festival questions. The form does not have more priority over the contact form so please if you have already asked a question using the other form then do not use this one unless It is a different festival question.

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We hope that you find some of the questions and answers on this page useful.

How do you know so much about festivals?

This is a good question, as teenagers… we all used to love attending festivals all over the country from Lancashire to London we have been everywhere. We are a group of friends that now run a site just, so we can give back to an amazing community. Overall, we have all been to a combined 600 festivals in our lifetime. We still to this day attend various events but not as much as our younger days.

What is the minimum (recommended) age to attend festivals?

This is a difficult question, this can vary depending on the person and the festival they will be attending. Usually we would recommend that the bare minimum you should attend a festival is 16 years old. Even then we advise caution due to the nature of the places. Festivals are great fun but there are some sketchy parts about them such as drug dealers and manipulative people that prey on the weak. A good age to go that we think you would be much safer is 18 years old.

Why are festivals hyped about so much?

This stems back to human nature. Loud music, new people and experiences are all part of the package when attending a festival and some people just really love the buzz it brings when you go. Some people only go to specific music types but other relish any opportunity then can to mingle with the crowds.

Here are just a very minute list of commonly asked questions and we will be updating the list as time goes on so do not forget to get back to us if you need some more answers.

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