Welcome to the about us page.

Here at HBB we have been in operation since 2007. We started off organising small events such as village fates and fairs. We started off with around 100 staff, mostly volunteers. We aimed to provide a safe, secure and fun event with as little hiccups as possible. Over time we started to put on larger and more extravagant shows for much more people. To this day we have organised over 1000 events and festivals and we employ around 700 employees across the country (including certified 3rd party companies). We are continually growing and expanding our specialism… we have specialist security personnel that are experts when it comes to things like Mobile CCTV, Identification and visitor management. We are at the frontier of developing the way festivals and events are secured. Not many companies use similar tactics to us.

We love to get involved with your project on a personal level. Once you have hired our services you will be appointed a minimum of 2 organisers or for the larger events we can offer up to 10 professional organisers, each of our staff have been trained to the highest degree and have each had years of experience in the same industry. These people know what they are doing and they do their best to capture your thoughts and implement them into your event. We understand that your time is precious so once you have been appointed your organisers they will only work on your project to allow full focus all of the time. This gives us the edge over other companies as they simply try to put too much of a workload on their staff. To us it is really important you get the best possible service we can offer and many of our customers agree with the fact we do deliver on our promises.

If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, or maybe a little more history of where we come from then please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can try our very best to help.