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The UK is home to many famous festivals such as, download, v fest, Glastonbury, parklife and many more… Most people have heard of some of these examples but we aren’t interested in those today, we are going to share with you our favourite small-time festivals! Enjoy


End of the road

Located in the Larmer tree park in Dorset, the End of The Road festival is held at the end of summer and is often perceived to be quite friendly… It offers a range of artists from various genres but the festival prides itself on top quality food and drink. The ticket price is around £195.

Kendal Calling

Found in the beautiful Lake district, this laid-back festival features big names but also local up and coming musicians. The organizers really put effort in to create this magical and immersive playground, the acts to expect are, comedy, theatre and DJ’s. The ticket cost £135.


Situated in Essex at Moriss Farm, the Brown stock festival was shortlisted for the ‘Best small festival’ of 2014 and for ‘Best dance event’ in 2015. If you are fans of raves and dance music, then this impressive set of DJs’ will impress you. Average ticket price is £89

2000 Trees

Found in the rolling Cotswold hills (near Cheltnham), 2000 trees pride itself on non-commercial and sponsorship free. That is why this festival is much more affordable than others. It’s all about music and offers around 80 new and underground acts. The tickets cost £95.


One of a kind, this festival is held on Brighton airport, this non-camping festival is organised by the same people who run the warehouse project. It’s only in its second year but the organisers have got a top shelf line up. Of House, techno and dance. Tickets cost £116 for the weekend and £65 for the day.


Found in the small town of Clitheroe (Lancashire) this is not the smallest of festivals as it holds around 10,000 people. People travel from all over the world to visit this weird and wacky festival. It features its own village (including a barber and tattooist) The festival offers huge and small line-ups and should be on everyone’s bucket list.  Ticket price £90-£160 depending on availability.


So these have been our top pick when it comes to small English festivals. Do be aware that not these are child friendly so please ensure research has been completed before visiting. We hope you enjoy!

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