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Festival Season: Tips & Tricks (2017)

Do you enjoy a good rave? Or perhaps you just love the social interaction festivals can bring in many forms? Either way you can benefit from these extra tips (even if you’re a veteran). This guide is designed to ensure you will have the best chance to live and tell the stories of festival season.


  1. A big tent is your friend!

You and your friends may have come up with this ingenious idea to pack a small tent because it will be easier to set up and take down. This is a bad move; your tent is your home for next few days and it will be the only place you can get some peace and quite so it’s best to take a tent you can get comfy in and stay a few hours recovering.


  1. Tape

Gaffer tape is essential, you will rip/break something that can be fixed with gaffer tape and that is a fact. Tents, poles, pegs, clothes and shoes can all be fixed with gaffer tape. You may not need a full role so it would be a clever idea to wrap something up that you are already taking such as a water bottle.


  1. Pillow cases AND Plastic bags

Do not take a pillow, it’s pointless… by the end of the weekend it won’t even exist. It will just be a soggy pile of ew at the front of your tent. The best solution for a heavy head is jumpers/joggers wrapped in a pillow case and then wrapped in a plastic bag to keep it dry! It won’t be easy but keeping your home-made pillow dry would be the best thing you will achieve as it will be your small, dry and warm sanctuary.


  1. Looking fresh

You are spending 3 days/nights in a field doing who knows what with what knows who and there is a 99% chance of getting very wet, soggy or muddy. So how can you battle this never-ending war? It’s simple, pack at least 2/3 sets of clean clothes for each day. It may sound over the top but trust us, you will need them. Weather you change into them after going mud surfing or if it’s just to keep you warm at night, they will be very handy and I would be amazed if you went home with any clean clothes. The worst thing you can do to yourself is making yourself sit in wet clothes because you will become ill.


  1. Sandwich bags

You may not eat that much whilst you are at the festival but that doesn’t mean sandwich bags won’t come in handy, they are the best solution when it comes to keeping your valuables together and dry. Keep your phone, watch, ring and anything else in these bags to ensure they are protected from the elements.


  1. EAT

You’re not hungry, you want to sleep and you feel horrible., This is a common feeling when at a festival but the key to survival is to eat! Breakfast bars, bananas and any source of carbs is good at a festival as it releases slow burning energy that can keep you fuelled for hours. It is important to eat at a festival or it can have nasty effects on your body and can even damage you.


  1. Landmarks

This can be arguably one of the most important things you use whilst at a festival as they can be your only chance of being re-united with people you have lost, getting sleep, or even just getting away from it all, when you have got to the festival and sorted your tent and other things. It would be clever to find some memorable landmarks for later use. It would also be a clever idea if you create your own landmark at the tent just to distinguish it from the thousands of others.


  1. Phone Case = Taxi home

If you don’t take any tips from this guide, at least listen to this. Always keep some emergency taxi money in your phone case. It can save your life. Its Monday morning, thousands of people have left, stragglers are everywhere and you can see people filling black bin bags up with rubbish. Do you want to spend 2 hours the morning after collecting rubbish just so you can go home? No, we did not think so. Always keep some extra money in the back of your phone just for safety.


  1. Form a community

Some people may find this tip ‘Anti-social’ or just unfair. If you have quite a few friends that are also attending the festival it would be better for you to stick together in the same camping area maybe even put your tents in a circle to create your own communal area. This keeps you and your possessions safer as more people will be around the camp at any given time. Also, it’s just better with your friends!


  1. Last, but not least.

Have the best time of your life, you are there to have fun, relax and party! Whilst there can be a lot to prepare for and endure, never forget to have fun as it is the whole reason you are there.


So they are our top 10 festival tips we could offer you today! We hope you enjoyed.

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