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 Top 5 skills to be a successful event organiser/H.U.N.T.T

Are you constantly running into common problems to keep events running?  Well, let us dive deep into the skills that you can apply to your job role to become the accurate and successful event planner in your field!

Have Passion:

Passion drives your business, it really does. It keeps those that are not feeling lucky going when they want to completely give up. The passion can be uplifting and gives you a sense of commitment and fulfilment. You can be free with whatever you choose to do.

Understand what your role entails…

Partying is great but organising the party requires a lot of work! You should identify your responsibilities as an event planners, this can start from who is attending the event, what is going to be showcased/sold, the location, catering, entertainment. You need to be up and running as an event manager, you should dismiss the cakes, drinks and everything else. Remember, guests that were invited are there to party, you’re there to work. You should stay focused and be professional at all times. 


It is essential to most of the categories whilst event planning. Every event that you attend should be an opportunity for you to market and promote your business. Talk to people about what your role is to make contacts. You need to have an effective set of communication skills, as well as planning and organisation skills, welcoming nature and a big old smile! The main goal each time you organise an event would be to create yourself a relationship with clients that can last a very long time!


Team work is a huge help and credit for anybody that is managing an event. When you work together towards the completion of a goal, it is a higher percentage to succeed. Working in a team will enhance your creative, improve your job, can bring about a strong network of reliable colleagues and contacts and also increases productivity by a significant number. 


Technology can offer you an unlimited amount of opportunity to maximise the efficiency of the event, which in-hand saves you a lot of time. The process of gathering information and processing it can be faster with computers and other tracking technologies. In a few cases, this can reduce your workload and also staff. 


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