Why our service is the best?

We dont just plan your event, we become your event.

Be Apart of It

Alot of other companies offer planning but you yourself are hardly involved! we do not work like that here and we are constantly communicating to our customers to ensure they know where we are and what is happening.


We only work with the best, we only provide services that we have tried and tested in the past. You can even meet and try the catering and other services yourself beforehand to test the waters.

Cost effective

We only use what we need, this means that before we order any services and things we ask for a one time planning fee. This covers all the planning and security costs. This way you only pay exactly what you should for the actual services and not a hefty commission on our behalf.

Who are we? 

Here at HBB we have one priority when it comes to events, security. We have many ways we monitor and act in certain situations. We offer basic security like wristbands and ID cards but we also offer some more serious and affective means such as mobile CCTV and we can also run your event through Visitor management software’s that allow us to track each individual attending on the day. This is one of our strong points as it is extremely hard to evade our security and then last at the festival when you should not be there. We are constantly improving our measures and training our staff so they are completely competent with the software’s and will ensure a safe and fun event. As our festivals offer VIP extras, we also can hand them an encoded Paxton ID card… we like using this system as only people with ID cards can enter certain areas such as VIP showers and toilets.


Lets have a quick look at some of the cogs in the pipework.
Alphie Stephan

Alphie Stephan


29, originally from North West England he has a stubborn face but a soft country heart.

Sarah Keystone

Sarah Keystone

Marketing Specialist

Sarah has had her fair share of festivals, she knows the right people in the right places!

Conroy Parcel

Conroy Parcel

Graphic Designer

Thinks of himself as a high flying celeb but really he is the conversation starter at the pub.

Jasmine Harper

Jasmine Harper

Lead Developer

Blonde, Hot and Vicious. Jasmine is one of the most important members of our team and never lets us forget.

Connor McKenzie

Connor McKenzie

Business Owner

WOW! HBB has completely made our year. The event ran smoothly, efficiently and effectively. Will be coming back for the services next year.

Jamie Hall

Jamie Hall

Independent Artist

This company is truly devote to its customers and will always go the extra mile, we had the best event yet this year and it is thanks to HBB. We would recommend HBB to anyone who wants the best event possible.

Kara Dizley

Kara Dizley


Could not have done it better myself! Everything fit together perfect and at the event i didnt have to worry about anything whilst i mingled with the guests. The security is top noch! Would recommend to anyone and everyone.


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