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Festival Advice and Information

We are an online advice bureau dedicated to providing free Festival Advice along with safety and planning information. We cover many topics from what to wear and where to go! Festivals should be enjoyed by each and everyone but it is important to know what festivals are for and not for you.

Hopefully, some of the festival advice on this site will help you discover your festival side and encourage you to live life a little more…

How to spot festival security.

Starting off, we are going to cover a few things on one of the most important factors when at a festival. You should always know how to spot the security and staff in case of an emergency. Normally, the security will have clear ID cards held around the neck by a Lanyard, many companies supply these such as Lesar UK, who have their own in-house ID card service and the ability to print personal lanyards.

These are a great way of finding security, if they aren’t security then they are more than likely to be part of the staff or backstage crew and they will be able to point you in the right direction if you need anything, however you should always be careful and inspect the card clearly before relying on that person for information.

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